AD #1768 – Honda Ridgeline 2.0, Hacker Develops Own Autonomous Car, FCA Searches for More Technicians

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Honda Ridgeline, Part II - Acura Teases Its Styling Future - Hacker Develops Own Autonomous Car - FCA Searches for More Technicians - China’s GAC to Team with Uber - Presents, Coal and Chorus

On today's show even when it screws up Honda never gives up a guy in a garage could disrupt silicon valley's autonomous efforts NFCA is out searching for more tax. On that more coming right up on a 90. This is not a line daily for December 21. 2015. A decade ago Honda jumped into the compact pickup segment in the American market with the introduction of the ridge line it was a complete flop. The base price was more expensive than all other full size pickups and it looked weird because the sides of the bed were set at an awkward angle but even one of screws up Honda never gives up so it's coming back with an all new design and just released this teaser image. As you can see the bad now looks like it belongs to a normal pickup and there's a break ...

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