Trade Managers - July 9, 2018 - Early Assignment: Pros & Cons

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Mike & Nick walk through early assignment risk, and explain why it can actually be beneficial to short premium trades! Tune in for a great discussion, especially if you're worried about assignment risk!

Hello everyone welcome back to the show's history managers is Monday yep has a gun I love Mondays when it's not I'm not a Monday there were back in the grind like I look forward to being back in in the trade he thinks this is a good day I mean it's a volatilities getting crushed in there yeah. Below the 14 and all yeah. Most things are green in which is not a typical. PFI not. It's a good day mob money is like this is Nick welcome to trade managers this is the first in a long time that we're not doing the web of Greeks yeah we'll get back to that but we had something unusual happened in my account today which is actually very beneficial so it in a context where everybody's like afraid of of assignment right this actually worked out well and they're going to kind of talk about you know the ...

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