July 9, 2018 - Gospel Truth TV

published 1 week ago by Andrew Wommack


Welcome to the gospel treats with the inter one celebrating 50 years of sharing god's unconditional love increase. And now entry teaches from the life changing word of god. Welcome to our Monday is broadcast of the gospel truth today I am continuing to teaching that I started a long time ago going through the book of proverbs verse by verse in what we've done is break this teaching in 2 weeks segments because right now believe I'm starting my ninth week of teaching on this and this and be quiet a long series if I just put it all together so we been interspersing this among other teaching but I have really really been blessed. And I really felt impressed to the lord to do this because I was just studying through the book of proverbs again I I study this book often and the things that are said in the book of proverbs. Are so appropriate for us today. And there's many of these proverbs it ...

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