Linux Action News 61

published 3 months ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

SUSE is acquired and GNOME is hiring, and it might just be the summer of forks.

Welcome to link section news our weekly take on winnings and the open source world this episode 61 recorded on 7/8/2018 I'm Chris and I'm sure hello joke it's good to be connected with you from the links academy offices I've,ndeered one of their recording booth to get into some news with you and let's start with the huge story that everyone is still talking about all week long susah has been acquired yes for 2.$5000000000 by a company called E. Q. T. yet you tea is buying them from microphone because his own them for a little bit now and the language around the whole announcement is super positive what I call an acquisition they're calling a partnership and it sounds like EQT is interested in really kind of keep ...

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