Let's Encrypt: A New Hope | LAS 396

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Inspired by the Let’s Encrypt project, we break down the basics of SSL & how easy it is to set up on your Linux box now. Plus hacking GRUB by hitting backspace 28 times, the Linux Foundation wants the Blockchain, without the Bitcoin and their bedfellows are concerning, the steady steps towards cross distro application bundles & more!

Exaction shows great about your broadcast it's sponsored by taking the last outing.com save off your first device or planned and digital ocean go to DigitalOcean.com and use our promo code last digital and then you can speed up your own limits Rick for you either sold 300 96 my name is Chris my name is Noah a no I guess what big show today coming up on 396 we're gonna give you the essentials of how to properly use SSL under Lennox and take advantage of that new let's encrypt project a little bit about how to segment coming up on the big show and I give you some background information if you're a total noob to this subject or you're familiar with it and heard of the new lead singer project is going to be something in this for you and then the news segment have you heard the news that all Xbox can be hacked by pressing backspace 28 times. Oh okay it's technically true we're gonna break down what's actually going on and how you can fix it another big news story this week cross distro apple ...

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