iFive 173: iFinale - In this final episode of iFive for the iPhone, Megan answers more viewer mail!

published 4 years ago

Alternatives to Mailbox with a "Later" feature, recording better audio for band practice, re-shuffling a playlist on Apple Music, watching TWiT on iOS, and will magnets from an iPhone case damage credit cards? Host: Megan Morrone Subscribe to iFive for the iPhone at Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. Sponsor: gazelle.com

Is towards. This episode is brought to you by gives out the online marketplace for buying and selling used gadgets shop from a variety of certified pre owned electronics or trade one in for cash given new life to use device with a gazelle.com today. Comes I've I've for the iPhone episode 173 I 5 covers the latest iPhone apps tips and tricks and of course some nudes Iomega Maroney and today my news is that today this episode is the series finale of I 5 for the iPhone you might know that I also host iOS today with Leo laporte and since the show has transitioned away from purely iPad topics you iPad and iPhone we decided to fold this show into iOS today so we can focus all of our energies on making the best content ...

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