AD #1764 – Russian Car Sales Get Worse, EU Gets Testy with OEMs, Renault-Nissan Alliance Starting to Fray

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Russian Car Sales Get Worse - Big Rigs Keep on Rolling - Emission Testing Starts Fight in Europe - Motor City Chorale to Join Us on AAH - Renault-Nissan Alliance Starting to Fray - Why the Rotary Engine is Important to Mazda

On today's show car sales in Russia are getting worse is the Renault Nissan alliance starting to fall apart and why monster continues to pursue the rotary engine. All that more coming right up on on a 90. This is not a line daily for December 15 of 2015. Only a few years ago Russia was one of the brightest spots in the automotive industry things were so good many analysts expected the country to pass Germany in car sales. Well not anymore. Economic sanctions over the annexation of Crimea along with cheap oil and gas prices cripple the Russian economy. Last month passenger vehicle sales plummeted more than 40 percent compared to last year and it's not just with light vehicles medium and heavy duty trucks dropped 8 percent. The buses were down 20 per ...

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