ScienceCast 202: Escape of the Destructive Electrons

published 5 years ago

Inskeep of the destructive electrons. Presented by science at NASA. Warning earth is surrounded by electrons that can be disruptive to our technology. A population of high energy electrons inhabits the van Allen radiation belts high above earth. Well these electrons pose no danger to humans on earth surface where we're protected by the atmosphere. They have been blamed for many spacecraft failures. Electron swarms can penetrate electrify the holes of satellites and short circuit sensitive electronics. Awarding them is a good idea. To avoid them though you have to figure out where they are. That's a problem because these electrons can be very elusive. The van Allen belts were discovered in 1958. And their discovery was one of the earliest scientific achievements of the space age. During solar storms high energy electrons in the belts have been known to vanish only to return a few out ...

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