How we're saving one of Earth's last wild places | Steve Boyes

published 5 months ago by TED Conferences LLC

Navigating territorial hippos and active minefields, TED Fellow Steve Boyes and a team of scientists have been traveling through the Okavango Delta, Africa's largest remaining wetland wilderness, to explore and protect this near-pristine habitat against the rising threat of development. In this awe-inspiring talk packed with images, he shares his work doing detailed scientific surveys in the hopes of protecting this enormous, fragile wilderness.

Visible from space the look of anger delta is Africa's largest remaining intact wetland wilderness this shining delta in land locked but swung a is the jewel of the Kalahari more valuable than diamonds to the world's largest diamond producer. And celebrated in 2014 as all planets one thousandth UNESCO world heritage sites what you see here are the 2 major tribute she's the creator and the coo bongos disappearing up north into the little known and garden highlands this is the largest undeveloped river basin on the planets spending an area larger than California. These Vaast undeveloped and golden watersheds were frozen in time by 27 years of civil ...

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