WPA3, Ticketmaster, and Don't Wipe So Hard - Paul's Security Weekly #566

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Terrible passwords outlawed in Microsoft's new Azure tool, Ticketmaster suffers security breach in personal and payment data, stop wiping your butt so hard, Toronto cops in big trouble for eating weed edibles, and WiFi's tougher WPA3 security is read. All that and more, here on Security Weekly! Full Show Notes: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:

Today is a term detectors easily bypass even the most advanced network defenses trying to ramp up just. To detect their back doors can cost thousands of dollars and take months even years with active. The measures a I haunt or we enable junior enlisted. Even the most advanced backdoors and. Hours signed up for a day. Purchase are fun. Today by visiting active. Com forward slash. Fiesta. Make every analyst a hunter. Any game automates the hunt for both know. And never before seen adversaries in enterprise networks. Truly man. Tax and risk. To meet the hard. Come back every. To Paul security weekly this is the security news for this week job you want to make a shot out before we get started. Yeah look first of all just on that text second just did I just want to give huge ...

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