iFive 172: Headliner, Titan Loop - Make Apple Music like Pandora, QuadLock Sports Armband, Silent Film Studio

published 4 years ago

Create Apple Music playlists based on music you like, anyone can report the news with Headliner, the QuadLock Sports Armband could be the best iPhone armband for runners, the Titan Loop could be the stocking stuffer for someone who always needs a charging cable on hand, make your holiday movies look like an old black and white film with Silent Film. Host: Megan Morrone Subscribe to iFive for the iPhone at Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. Sponsor: braintreepayments.com/ifive

Is towards. This episode I buy for the iPhone is brought to you by Braintree even the best mobile app won't work without the right payments API that's where the Braintree be.0 SDK comes in one amazingly simple integration gives you every way to pay. Try of the sandbox and see for yourself at Braintree payments.com slash 5. Welcome to I fight for the iPhone episode 172 I 5 covers latest iPhone apps tips and tricks of course news I am making Moroni let's get started. Number one is how to make apple music more like Pandora. Depending on whom you talk to apple music has been one of the biggest innovations or one of the biggest flops of the year the most common complaint I hear about apple music is the cost sure you can listen to pretty much whatever you want but that ...

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