AD #1757 – Concept Hints at Future of Racing, Competitors Gang Up on Uber, Nissan Sees Titan XD as “Tweener” Truck

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- McLaren Concept Hints at Future of Racing - Renault Makes Return to Formula One - Competitors Gang Up on Uber - Ford Comes Out with Camper Trailers - FCA Jumps on Star Wars Bandwagon - Nissan Sees Titan XD as “Tweener” Truck - Toyota RAV4 Could Pass Camry in Sales

On today's show Toyota expects the ramp for to become its top selling vehicle in the U. S. Renault is returning to Formula 1 an FCA travels a long time ago to a galaxy far far away. All that more coming right up an online daily. This is not a line daily for December 4 of 2015. In an effort to improve safety. We've wondered if racing series like indycar and Formula 1 should switch from open to closed cockpits or at least some kind of windshield. And based on a new concept from a Claire in its thinking the same way to meet the MP 4 acts a look at the future of Formula 1 but don't think the clothes cockpit is the only thing that sets this car apart from what's currently racing around tracks. Well some kind of hybrid powertrain will likely still be used. We could also see solar ...

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