How to Use CC Libraries in Adobe Dreamweaver CC

published 4 years ago

Terry White shows off the NEW Creative Cloud library implementation in Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015. Now you can easily share assets across your design, video and web workflows.

Hello my name is Terry white worldwide designer to talk a few vandals for adobe it's my pleasure to give you a first look at the new CC library implementation inside of Dreamweaver CC 2015. That's right you can now take advantage of the same creative cloud libraries that you've been using Photoshop illustrator InDesign premier after fact and even the mobile apps. Now for the first time you can sink assets using creative sank across the board across all your work flow. And it's been implemented beautifully inside a dream weaver source take a look at the document got open right here. The document that I have open. I can tell right off the bat by looking at these break points. Is that this one 's already been optimized. For a responsive design. So as my my viewers look a little smaller and smaller devices and screens. Were my design ...

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