509 Wooden Six Pack Pt 2

published 6 years ago by Matt Vanderlist

It's time to wrap up the construction of the wooden drink carrier (six-pack) so we can all get back out in the sun and enjoy the rest of our summer (or for our friends in the southern hemisphere…prepare for the summer). Today's episode we pickup at the bandsaw where we'll shape the middle divider and then continue from there to create some finger holes for easier carrying and then on to final assembly. There's also a little discussion about materials for building your own and possibly some dimensions for carrying larger bottles than the standard 2.5" diameter size used for this particular version. If you decide to make one or something very similar, please share your pictures and results. I know I'd love to see it! Tools mentioned in today's show: Veritas Spokeshave Gorilla Wood Glue FISH Forstner Bits Bora Pistol-grip Clamps Woodslicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade Download Video Download HD 720 Video Download Audio Help support the show - please visit our advertisers

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