iFive 170: Moment, iHome SmartPlug - ProCam 3, Pocketbooth, StoryCorps

published 4 years ago

Moment tracks you and your family's phone usage, the iSP5 will allow you to control home electronics, ProCam 3 is a manual camera and photo editor, Pocketbooth takes booth-like pictures of you and your friends, and StoryCorps lets you record your family's stories just in time for your holiday gatherings. Host: Megan Morrone Subscribe to iFive for the iPhone at Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. Sponsor: braintreepayments.com/ifive

Is towards. This episode I've 5 for the iPhone is brought to you by Braintree even the best mobile app won't work without the right payments API that's where the Braintree V..0 SDK comes and one amazingly simple integration gives you every way to pay trance sandbox see for yourself at Braintree payments.com slash I've I've. Welcome to high 5 for the iPhone episode 170 I. 5 covers the latest iPhone apps tips and tricks and of course a little bit of news I am making Ernie let's get started number one isn't moments moment is not a new apps still I think it's worth mentioning again especially as we head into the super busy holiday season where only the productive survive those reindeer are not going to blow up themselves by that ...

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