AD #1749 – BMW Debuts Compact Sedan Concept, GM’s Military Grade Fuel Cell, UAW Workers Make How Much?!

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- BMW Debuts Compact Sedan Concept - Volvo Teams with Microsoft - GM Works to Make Fuel Cells Army Strong - UAW Workers Make How Much?! - Japanese Market Will Never Be the Same

And today's show Volvo teams up with Microsoft to bring augmented reality into it show rooms the U. S. army teams up with GM to test fuel cell vehicles. And did you know that you a W. workers. Make over 100 green. A year on that mark coming right up. On online dating. This is out of line daily for November 20 of 2015. New car sales in China has slowed considerably this year but BMW believes there's still room to grow in the premium compact market. So it just introduced the concept compact sedan at the Guang zoo auto shows as you can see if the car is on mistakenly a BMW but it also strikes us that it looks very production ready suggesting it may not be long before comes to market. Based on BMW's new naming structure the compact sedan ...

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