Top Conference Fitness Tips Ep 131

published 4 years ago by Pamela Hernandez

Personal Trainer Pamela Hernandez shares her favorite tips to maintain your fitness attending a conference.

Hi welcome to thrive personal fitness I'm him learning and is your guide on the journey to health and fitness. I had a Twitter question from someone I actually know in real life she's one of my better you challengers this year her name's Aaron on Twitter she's Aaron Eileen gray and she tweeted me in props a bit of a panic. Getting ready to go off to a conference. What is she do going off to a conference for work. Conference fitness. And so she was a Jewish take a cut above her running shoes what she should do. And my first piece of advice always with conference fitness is. You're gonna probably be sitting a lot . Unless you want a fitness conference like I usually do. So the first thing I want you to focus is actually your food and not going overload on all the conference food knowing that you're gonna have be creating an active ...

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