ScienceCast 199: Space Vision

published 5 years ago

Speaks fusion presented by science at NASA. Traveling in space has many artifacts on the human body. One of the strangest has to do with vision. After spending sometime on the international space station many astronauts discover that they cannot see as well as they do on earth. Effective so well known that members of the crew routinely pack space glasses to correct their vision in orbit. Researchers still aren't sure what causes a problem. But they would like to solve it before humans travel beyond low earth orbit. A trip to Mars could take at least 3 years 5 times as long as a mission to the station. So it's important to learn about the adverse effects of micro gravity on vision and develop ways to counter them. Christian auto of the university space research association in Houston Texas is one of the researchers trying to get a clearer understanding of space vision. He is the ...

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