published 6 months ago by Cora Harrison

We spent a couple of nights in Vegas recently. While there we managed to find our first goodwill clearance outlet on the west coast. Unfortunately however this goodwill clearance outlet was set to close in just 30 minutes after we got there, so we had to be fast. We spent exactly £10 and have already managed to sell the Rugrats bedding to Helen's friend for £10 (discounted due to it being her friend) We couldn't film in this particular goodwill as we were told off for doing so. However, we do have a couple of clips from inside Goodwill in some of our upcoming videos. ⚡⚡⚡⚡ FAQ ⚡⚡⚡⚡ The Blog: What Equipment Do You Use? Canon G7X Mark II - Micro Muff - Joby GorillaPod - Tripod - Sandisc Extreme 64GB SD Card - Macbook Pro 2015 - iPhone 7 Plus - These are all the items we use when conducting our business on eBay + Amazon. If you purchase any of the items from this link below then we get a tiny amount of money. 100% of this money is reinvested into these videos. All the items listed below are the products we ourselves use and have been doing for a very long time, we would not list any items we didn’t approve of. :-) Accounting: Photography Box: Packing Tape: Packing Tape Dispenser: Jiffy Bags: Bubble Mailers: Cardboard Boxes: Cellotape: Cellotape Dispenser: Wireless Label Printer: Camera: If you would like our advice as to any other products not listed here feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

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