VIDEO: EP086: Interview: Ben Braband, Mobile Home Park Owner (2 of 2)

published 3 years ago by Park Street Partners - Jefferson Lilly & Brad Johnson

Welcome to Episode 86 of the Mobile Home Park Investors podcast, hosted by Jefferson Lilly and Brad Johnson, with the Park Street Partners. This episode is a continuation of last week’s interview with Ben Braband, a park owner who owns 2,300 pads and has been in business for the last 12 years. On the show, Ben shares how he organizes and manages his mobile homes and where he sees his business heading in the future.   Key Takeaways: [1:40] With 2,300, how does Ben keep organized? [5:20] How empowered are Ben’s managers? What do they handle? [7:45] How does Ben compensate his managers? [16:40] Would Ben like to grow and expand his business in the next couple of years? [17:45] How does Ben approach his deal sourcing opportunities? [18:55] Does Ben plan on selling anytime soon? [20:40] How has Ben involved his kids in the business that they may inherit one day? [22:25] What advice does Ben have for those who want to get into the business?   Mentioned in This Episode: Park Street Partners Investment Opportunities Park Street Partners Business Resources LinkedIn: Mobile Home Park Investors Group Send deals to Dave Reynolds, MHP Funds Waste Water Treatment Plant WWTP Inspections and Reporting CAPEX      

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