Video: EP084: Interview Crystal Adkins Tells Us About

published 3 years ago by Park Street Partners - Jefferson Lilly & Brad Johnson

Welcome to Episode 84 of the Mobile Home Park Investors podcast, hosted by Jefferson Lilly and Brad Johnson, with the Park Street Partners. Crystal Adkins is the Founder and Editor of Mobile Home Living. The website was inspired when she was unable to find any remodeling ideas for her recently bought a mobile home. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and start her own online magazine!   Key Takeaways: [2:40] What did Crystal do before joining Mobile Home Living? [4:15] When Crystal first owned a mobile home, there weren’t any websites out there that had any mobile home remodeling ideas, so she decided to create her own website. [5:20] What is Crystal’s online magazine about? [7:15] Crystal wasn’t a writer when she first started her website. After 6 years of being in business, she decided it was time to hire extra help this year. [10:25] What kind of feedback has Crystal received over the years? [11:45] What are the top 3 most read articles on Crystal’s site? [15:25] Does Crystal write articles catering specifically to mobile home park owners? [18:20] Does Crystal ever want to be a park owner? [20:35] Crystal shares her final thoughts about mobile home parks and the people who live in them.   Mentioned in This Episode: Park Street Partners Investment Opportunities Park Street Partners Business Resources LinkedIn: Mobile Home Park Investors Group Send deals to Crystal on LinkedIn    

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