AD #1742 – Genesis Teases New Flagship G90, Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual, BMW’s Bullish on Motorcycles

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Genesis Teases New Flagship G90 Sedan - Hyundai Launching Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual - More Cadillac XT5 Information - Ford Taps Motorhome Segment with Transit - BMW’s Bullish on Bikes - BMW Develops Down-Market Motorcycle

On today's show Hyundai teases its new flagship luxury sedan BMW introduces a new motorcycle to compete in emerging markets and Cadillac reveals more info about its new cross over on that more coming right up on a lengthy. This is not a line daily for November 11 of 2015. Hyundai announced its new luxury brand genesis the other day and now it's giving us a look at its range topping GE 90 sedan. If the production car looks anything like these drawings we think its specs right up with any German brand at least in the style department. Hyundai says it will major on human center technology combined with engaging driving dynamics and boasts a raft of world best safety features and technological innovations. The flagship sedan is scheduled to ...

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