AD #1741 – VW Tries to “Make Things Right,” Subaru to Replace Tribeca, One-of-a-Kind Panoz Restored

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Offers Goodwill Package - VW’s Head of Design Steps Down - Subaru Announces Tribeca Replacement - U.S. Market Share: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not - Mazda CX-3 Quick Take - Euro NCAP Adds APD to Tests - One-of-a-Kind Panoz Restored

And today's show VW tries to make things right with its customers the euro and cap ants autonomous pedestrian detection to its tasks. And our impressions of monsters new compact crossover all that more coming right up on a 90. This is not a line daily for November 10. 2015. We're working to make things right. Those are the words that Volkswagen has chosen for its new tagline for goodwill package it's offering owners of 2 litre TDI models with the cheating a mission software the deal comes out to $1000 but consists of a $500 prepaid credit card that can be used almost anywhere any $500 dealership card that has to be registered and used at a VW dealer affected customers will also get roadside assistance ...

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