Fedora from the Cockpit | LAS 390

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Fedora 23 has hit the web and we think this is the release that changes everything, forever. Find out why we think the changes made in Fedora 23 make this nearly a future proof distribution in some work cases. Plus Linus Torvalds is under attack this week from multiple sources, we’ll break down one of the more technical assaults, Ubuntu is finally killing the software center & the biggest feature coming to systemd ever, just got delayed.

Exaction shows great about your broadcast it's sponsored by taking the last outing.com save off your first device or planned and digital ocean go to DigitalOcean.com and use our promo code last digital and then you can speed up your own limits Rick for jobs of 390 my name is Chris my name is Noah a there are no huge show coming up on today's episode of the legs action show we're going to review fedora 23 is a thing this is the release that changes everything I'm not even getting at least for the server version I'll tell you why plus the workstation releases pretty compelling to will give you our thoughts on fedora 23 and then the news segment Linus is under attack this week. And we're gonna talk specifically about the security community that appears to be going after Linus and wants a changing culture red hat is now running courageous on as your but that's not the interesting bit the devil is in the details and were given to a coming up a little bit later ...

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