Why You Should Never Charge What You Are Worth | Ep. 84

published 4 years ago by Bill Baren, Business Transformation Provocateur | In the spirit of Seth Godin, Eben Pagan, Derek Halpern, Ali Brown, Marie Forleo, and an alternative to Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, Brendon Burchard, and John Lee Dumas

Have you ever been told to “charge what you are worth”? That might sound good, but the truth is, following that advice could seriously damage your business. The concept of charging what you’re worth seems appealing at first. It implies that you know your own value and you expect others to get it too. But be careful, because tying your fees to the value of who you are is a recipe for disaster. I’m going to show you how to avoid this huge mistake and all the heartache it can cause. Today, you’ll find out what you SHOULD base your fees on—so your sense of your own value remains constant (and high) and your income steadily grows.   Sign up to be one of the first to receive a free copy of my new book - High End Package Manifesto: The Antidote To Under Charging & Under Earning. Get your copy here →

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