Episode 13: "Uncle Tom's Cabana" & "Uncle Tom's Bungalow"

published 12 years ago by The BMA

The two cartoons "Uncle Tom's Cabana" (1947) and "Uncle Tom's Bungalow" (1937) in this episode are parodies of Uncle Tom's Cabin. In "Uncle Tom's Cabana" Uncle Tom goes from cabin to cabana to ward off the mortgage. Little Eva (now all grown up) saves Uncle Tom's cabin with her singing and seductive sexiness. In "Uncle Tom's Bungalow" Topsy and Little Eva buy Uncle Tom from Simon Legree's Used Slave Company, but can't keep up the payments. Topsy and Eva do a color switch under Legree's whip as Eliza saves the day. "Uncle Tom's Bungalow" is one of the Censored 11 cartoons which have not been released on television or video, and are considered too racist or politically incorrect by today's standards.

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