AD #1736 – VW’s 3-Liter Cheater, Hot SEMA Reveals, UAW Could Hit Billion Dollar Milestone

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- EPA Claims VW Cheated More - Study Says VW Cheating Caused Deaths - MOPAR Scat Packs Into SEMA - Chevy Unveils Gen 6 COPO Camaro - New BMW M Performance Parts - UAW to Hit a Billion Dollars in Profit Sharing - Barn Find: What Model Am I?

On today's show Volkswagen gets caught cheating on other diesel engines UAW workers could get $8000000000 in profit sharing and a look at some hot reveals from seem. All that more coming right up on Ottoline daily. This is our align daily for November 3 of 2015. I just when it looked like the VW cheating scandal was simmering down yesterday the EPA accuse the company of using a defeat device and it's 3 liter V. 6 diesels that are installed in certain Volkswagen Audi and Porsche models. VW denies the accusation but the EPA is very specific about what it found and I quote at exactly one second after the completion of the initial phase ...

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