AD #2383 – Volvo Predicts Shorter Range EVs, Pratt and Miller Develops Extreme Suspension, Next-Gen Malibu Details

published 9 months ago by John McElroy

- MEMA Wants Congress to Take Action on Trade - Mercedes Makes Room for EQ Brand - Volvo Predicts Shorter Range EVs - Pratt and Miller Develops Extreme Travel Suspension - Consortium Works to Make Standard for Digital Keys - Next-Gen Chevrolet Malibu Details

On today's show meanwhile wants Congress to stop trumps trade war model predicts that he views will soon have shorter driving ranges not longer ones and the day is coming when will all start our cars with smartphones all that and more coming right up on a line dealing. This is not a line daily they show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry. The motor equipment and manufacturers association or mima wants Congress to stop president trump's trade war the association which lobbies for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers sent a letter to leaders in Congress lamenting the lack of congressional oversight over American trade policy Nina cites the constitutional directive that gives Congress the power to regulate foreign trade it doesn't call for specific action ...

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