ScienceCast 197: Using a Tablet Computer in Space

published 5 years ago

Using a tablet computer in space. Presented by science at NASA. When the space age began there was no such thing as a graphical user interface. Astronauts interacted with their electronics using only nubs and toggle switches. It was a different time. Fast forward to 2015. The knobs and switches of the 19 fifties have been replaced by a glass cockpit with a majority of commanding is done through software controls. Old fashioned twisting in flipping may soon be replaced by a complex combination of taps. Swipes and fingertips whirls. Many tasks performed inside a modern spacecraft will involve fine motor skills such as typing or interacting with a computer touch screen. Says Christina Holden principal investigator for the fine motor skills experiment now under way on the international space station. In the future astronauts we ...

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