Achim Steiner: "The world won’t improve on its own"

published 2 years ago by DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

“We are living in a political moment in which nationalism, protectionism, and withdrawal have become a great temptation,” says the head of the United Nations Development Programme, Achim Steiner. On DW Interview, he praised Germany’s role in the refugee crisis.

Lifting refugees climate change wars and conflicts deserve better today we'll be talking about how we can still save the world without him Steiner head of the United Nations development program Espina de vessel but Mr Steiner you wanted to make the world a better place since finishing college going you went to India to help out in a small village. Did you do there wanted in on the part. Thomas von single and then you know there's a kind of apprenticeship and I was eager to work for an organization in India on the panel Tamil Nadu state. I wanted to get to know development work on the ground and to get a better sense of what I could contribute to it all mine and I can buy cough. Add to these that was my first year 50 in India out this job dom and my subsequent career took me to many other countries to see that on the land that if you cut hot and often this it wasn't also about having it ...

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