Boots for Syria | Unfilter 164

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Defense Secretary Ash Carter declares the US is shifting strategy in Syria & will be sending in troops. We break down the scope of this “shift” & what’s motivating it. A few worthy notes from Hillary’s Benghazi hearing sneak through, we’ve grabbed them & why every hashtag matters. According to the FBI. Plus a simple explanation of why CISPA is a surveillance bill & our largest drone update ever!

This is on filter episode 164 for 10/28/2015. Fox is alert to kick it off because this is breaking happening just now an unmanned blimp is on the loose fighter jets called in now to monitor the situation after the Zeppelin that's the name of this you can see it pictured right there known officially as the longer named joint land attack cruise missile defense Ned and sensor system. Or jail lands it broke free from its tether at the Aberdeen proving ground in Maryland. So the challenge is now making its way to Pennsylvania if you see it witnesses are being told to keep their distance and to call 911. Welcome to one village would rock ...

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