iFive 166: New Emoji for iOS 9.1

published 3 years ago

New Emoji on iOS, useful updates for Waze, can I use Runkeeper on the Apple Watch without my iPhone? Simulate Live Photos with a twist with Boomerang, and dial phone numbers on your Apple Watch like a spy with Watch Keypad. Host: Megan Morrone Subscribe to iFive for the iPhone at Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. Sponsor: braintreepayments.com/ifive

Is towards. This episode of I 5 for the iPhone is brought to you by Braintree even the best mobile app won't work without the right payments API that's where the Braintree V..0 SDK comes in 1 amazingly simple immigration gives you every way to pay trailed the sandbox and see for yourself at Braintree payments.com slash 55. Welcomes I buy for the iPhone episode 166 I've I've covers the latest iPhone apps tips tricks and of course the news I am making Ernie let's get started. Last week apple rolled out iOS 9.one with improved performance for multi tasking better stability for CarPlay music photo safari in search. If you have the new iPhone 6 aster success plus ...

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