Diction Tip--Russian Series #2

published 1 year ago by Ellen Rissinger

While the podcast is on vacation for the summer, we wanted to bring you something special--a short series of Diction Tips on Russian Lyric Diction! In the second installment, conductor and coach Yury Ilinov explains the concepts of "akanye" and "okanye".

Since the podcast comes out every 2 weeks on the off weeks we share diction tips short videos from the diction police special diction unit focusing on a specific order topic in lyric diction for more diction tips check out our YouTube channel you can find the link at W. W. W..diction police.com you can also follow the diction police on Facebook or Twitter at diction police. One thing that I've come across when I've been studying Russian diction are the terms akhirnya extend yet and the economy a and I think to know how to pronounce things we really need to understand these concepts raises so could you would talk us through these these it has to do with the future of Russian pronunciation because all of these words mean how people used to pronounce vowels in certain positions and in the end from this sentence to the nineteenth century the ...

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