AD #1729 – Lincoln’s Mcconaughey Ads a Hit, VW Diesel Prices Drop, UAW Approves New FCA Deal

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- UAW Approves New FCA Deal - VW Diesel Auction Prices Drop - Autonomy Could Shrink Insurance Sector - Win a Trip to CES - Lincoln’s Mcconaughey Ads a Hit

On today's show the UAW ratifies the new deal with FC 8 and says GM is next. VW's diesel car prices have taken a huge hit and despite all the spruce. Lincoln says those Matthew McConaughey ads are helping the brand all that more coming right up on online daily. This is out of line daily for October 23 of 2015. Just a few weeks after overwhelmingly rejecting a new labor deal with fiat Chrysler UAW members just ratified a revised agreement with 3 quarters of members of proving the new 4 year deal. Members rejected the first proposal because it did not get rid of 2 tier wages and due to the concerns over a new healthcare co op the new agreement ends 2 tier wage ...

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