ScienceCast 195: Dawn Triangle of Planets

published 5 years ago

Dune triangle of planets presented by science adviser. Winter is approaching. The early week full sun beams of summer are a fading memory as October morning screwed dark and cold. Frankly waking up isn't as easy as it used to be. Except this week. In the days ahead if you find yourself yawning over your morning coffee before sunrise longing for repose just take a look out the window. 3 bright planets are converging in the eastern sky and the view is an eye opener. Every morning in late October Venus Jupiter and Mars will rise in the east an hour or so before the sun. Together they form a triangle in the predawn sky. Venus and Jupiter are the brightest vertices visible even after the black predawn sky turns cobalt blue. Once you find them you will have little trouble locating the dimmer red clay ...

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