Student Involvement with the SDPA – Paulina Zachowicz

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Junior Student Coordinator Maria Kelly interviews PA student Paulina Zachowicz about her love for dermatology and ways to get involved with the SDPA as a student.

Hi I'm ray Kelly and the. Air for the S. EPA and. If there's anything I have. Here with me today Pinus Sakowitz from Nova southeast. University and will be doing a question and answer type interview hello Paulina hello. So it's not as if you questions interests. Responded that so what interests you about dermatology how did you first become interested in there at first became interested one learning about it in school and I think it's important to have a knowledge and our mythology for any specialty that you may go into yeah I agree he's great and how did you find out about the SEPTA eastern affairs committee reached out to me on social media and provide me with information on the benefits of becoming a certain number. And is there anything in particular you would like to learn more fonder metrology. I think everything medicines always changing and I'm interested ...

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