A Rip in NTP | TechSNAP 237

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The OpenZFS summit just wrapped up and Allan shares the exciting new features coming to the file system, researchers warn about flaws in NTP & of course we've got some critical patches. Plus a great batch of questions, a rockin' round up & much, much more!

Coming up on this week's episode attacks not the opens at a press conference just wrapped up in Allen's backing tells about some great new features that are coming to the file system researchers have found flaws in NTP and of course we have some critical patches that you need to install that is great about your questions of rock an answer that I huge round up all that much much more on this week's episode of text. Everyone and welcome the text of this episode 237 a jeweler broadcasting's weekly systems network administration podcast which in this episode live on 10/22/2015 this episode is brought to you by our 3 find sponsors DigitalOcean ting and I excessive will tell you more about those sponsors as this show. On our live stream that is powered by the incredible scale engine over its scale engine.com I would personally if I were you go check that out my name ...

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