ScienceCast 194: Spacecraft Discovers Thousands of Doomed Comets

published 5 years ago

Spacecraft discovers thousands of doomed comets. Presented by science at NASA. For an astronomer discovering a comet can be the highlight of a lifetime. Great comets carry the names of their discovers into history. Comet Halley comet Lovejoy comet Hale Bopp are just a few examples. Imagine the frustration though if every time you discovered a comet it was rapidly destroyed. Believe it or not this is what happens almost every day to the most prolific comet hunter of all time. The solar and heliospheric observatory better known as soho is a joint project of the European Space Agency or oesa and NASA. Orbiting the sun at 1.5000000 kilometers or 932000 miles from earth. The distant observatory has just discovered it's ...

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