AD #1726 – VW Could Lose Brands, Dyson Buys Sakti3, Qoros’s First SUV

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Could Lose Brands - Dyson Buys Sakti3 - Win the Golf Trip of a Lifetime - Qoros Reveals its First SUV - GM’s Numbers, Good and Bad - Barn Find: Can You ID This Car?

On today's show Volkswagen could be forced to sell off brands a big buy out in the battery business and a very rare car stops by our studios all that and more coming right up. Out online daily. Nnsl nnsl this is ongoing daily for October 20 of 2015. Volkswagen AG could come out of its cheating scandal has a smaller company. VW has 12 different brands but some analysts believe the company's going to have to sell off some of those brands. Pay for its emissions scandal Bloomberg reports the cost of that scandal could hit $34000000000. Analysts point out that several of VW's brands are not core to its business. Including Ducati the motorcycle ...

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