AD #1724 – Simulator Optimizes Aero, Cybersecurity Solutions, Lightweight Composite Suspension

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- New Simulator Optimizes Aerodynamics - HondaVAC Doesn’t Suck - Acura Highlights Top Safety Ratings - How Do You Make Sedans Competitive Again? - Lightweight Thermoplastic Suspension - Protecting Cars from Hackers

On today's show what automakers can do to protect their cars from hackers a look at a thermoplastic suspension system and could a new simulator make wind tunnels obsolete. All that more coming right up on auto ideally. This is Adeline daily for October 16 of 2015. You know we hear stories all the time about designer sitting on a milk crate inside a wind tunnel. Shaping and reshaping of body panel for hours on end to get it just right. But a company by the name of access is helping automakers from all over the world to cut down on impractical and costly time spent in a wind tunnel it's simulation software called power flow allows an auto maker to optimize aerodynamic design from the very ...

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