AD #1722 – BMW Reveals M2 Coupe, VW Shifts Focus To EVs, Toyota’s Bold Environmental Strategy

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota’s Bold Environmental Strategy - FCA Can Double Temporary Workers - FCA Promotes Busse - Ford Dominates Police Car Segment - VW Shifts Focus To EVs - BMW Reveals M2 Coupe

I'm today show Toyota announces the bullets environmental strategy we've ever heard from a car company VW announces a new emphasis on electrification. And 4 corners the market on police cars all that more coming right up on our online daily. This is our ally daily for October 14 of 2015. The internal combustion engine is going to be around for decades to come put its days are numbered. With a heavy emphasis on fuel cell cars trucks and buses. Toyota says it's committed to reducing the CO 2 emissions of its vehicles by 90 percent by 2050. It also says it will eliminate all CO 2 emissions from all of its manufacturing facilities by then. And it's set up ...

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