The Season 2.22

published 9 years ago by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith

We've reached the end.  It's with mixed emotions that Bryan and I have decided that this will be the final episode of this experiment in grassroots storytelling. It's been an incredible adventure for us. The athletes left us inspired.  The community reaction humbled us.  Thank you.  A few things I will never forget:Spending New Years Eve in a no name town on Vancouver island inside Jonaven's airstream. Rain pelted the aluminum.  Watching the cable cam first take flight. The resulting look of glee on Matt's face. Sunset at the mouth of the Klamath. Realizing that I still have the same enthusiasm for traveling the American West as I did when I was 21. Watching the light fade from the top of Cheop's. I could go on and on.  It has been a memorable experience. Thanks for watching.   

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