203 Down To Earth (HD)

published 9 years ago by Crossroad Studios

Parker and the boys venture into the backcountry for the first time this season and do some man-boarding. Venturing into the relative safe zones of Cardiff Peak, Flagstaff Mountain, and Grizzly Gulch, the team gets a small sample of just how good the deep stuff is in the Central Wasatch. Jonesing for deeper and steeper lines, come watch as Andy Earl, Uriel Ruvalcaba, Derek Olthuis, Daryl Young, Stain Reichman, and Parker Alec Cross hunt for the goods and warm up their hiking legs for future episodes. Filmed entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II system, episode three is guaranteed to induce a hunger for the powder that can only be satisfied by staying tuned for future episodes. For product giveaway information, visit

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