AD #1714 – Sept. Sales Explode, 2016 Volt Driving Impressions, Road Tripping 100-Years Ago

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Jaw-Dropping U.S. September Sales - 2016 Chevy Volt Driving Impressions - GM to Test Autonomous Volts - Ford Celebrates 25-Years of Explorer - Going Cross Country 100-Years Ago

On today's show sales continue to explode in the U. S. we get behind the wheel of the new Chevy volt and what a cross country road trip with like 100 years ago all that and more coming right up on auto link daily. Nnsl nnsl this is not a line daily for October 2 of 2015. The experts were expecting strong sales for September in the U. S. market but when the numbers came in everyone's jaw dropped. Sales shot up 11.2 percent on a daily selling rate basis and that's our top each team 0 vehicles. Such surprising strength will undoubtably encourage the U. S. federal reserve to raise interest rates. And it's very obvious what kinds of vehicles are pulling people into show rooms ...

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