Kioskafe - London launch

published 3 years ago by Monocle

To celebrate the launch of Monocle’s first [Kioskafe]( in Paddington, we talk to editor in chief Tyler Brûlé about the concept, branding and enduring appeal of print.

Ntelos cafe and you stand in coffee bar created by monocle has just opened in London's Paddington developed as a sunny optimistic ripoff of the mistaken narrative that people aren't buying print products chaos cafe draws inspiration from the city street kiosks of Europe. We pulled himself together to concepts that we we all love the great kiosk and the great cafe in the city of course he played with octave for cafe so it has maybe a little bit of an aunt. To Mitteleuropa in in that sense. Feel like the good news stand that you might find. in Indiana or city in northern Italy. Key US cafe aims to set a new standard in print retailing providing a catalog of print on demand newspapers ranging from Argentina's Clarion to check me do they know Vini customers will be able to order in advance or simply wait for the title prints out. And in store involving a list of the 3 ...

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