Amazing Things

published 3 years ago by MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus

“Amazing Things” message by Erwin McManus. For more information, visit © MOSAIC LA / Erwin McManus. #20150920

You're listening to the official but because of mosaic and loss and. A community of say love and. So where where this intersection moment. The community of faith who'd just come down from the mountain and those of us who came down we're just we we we we we and we just you know. We've been blinded by the light at the end we come back I don't think tell were glowing and because we went to Mount Zion and then. Yeah I was like Gloria sin that were calm down and and it's hard to explain everything that happened. Except that our lives will testify of it by the way we live differently. And. But if you've ever had a have you ever had a moment in your life we just knew something. Big was going to happen. By the way right before we started worshiping Hank and sue and had a little baby girl ...

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