AD #1705 – VW in Deep Trouble, Hybrid Sales Tank, Detroit 3 Pick-Up Share in California

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- UAW Gets Good Deal with FCA - Hybrid Sales Tank - Detroit 3 Pick-Up Share in California - Manufacturing Shift Looming? - VW in Deep Trouble

I'm today shall the UAW got a pretty good deal without see a pickup trucks are helping the Detroit automakers gained share in California and Volkswagen is exposed as a cheater. All that and more coming right up. Ottoline daily. This is Adeline daily for September 21 of 2015. The UAW release the details of its contract with FC a over the weekend and it looks like they got a pretty good deal for its members all of them will get a $3000 bonus just for signing the contract. Entry level workers will see their compensation go up by over at least $25000 over the next 4 years legacy workers will go up by 9 ...

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