Open Source Plex Alternative | LAS 383

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Emby is an open source home media server, that brings all of your media together into one place & automatically converts and streams your media on-the-fly to any device. In other words, a legitimate Plex competitor. We give you our in-depth look. Plus Microsoft announces its own Linux distribution, why it's the year of the Linux Desktop in China, why it might be time to drop VirtualBox & more!

Exaction shows great about your broadcast it's sponsored by taking the last save off your first device or planned and digital ocean go to and use our promo code last digital and then you can speed up your own limits Rick for jobs of 383 my name is Chris. My aim is no es no I guess what big show today coming up on this week's episode of the limits action show we're gonna take a look at a legitimate plaques alternative a fully open source media center solution that has many of the features the plex offers but it's not tied to a third party service you can go off the grid and read it yourself this is something I know our audience has been looking for for a long time and we have an in depth review in this week's episode of the limits action shows a stay tuned for that and then later in the new segment it is definitely the year of Lennox Microsoft announces their own distribution of Lennox China as sales of Lennox are off the charts and a boon to has a new hardware store would tell you all about that ...

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