AD #1700 – Automakers Pledge to Add Auto Brake, UAW Targets FCA, Google Hires Krafcik

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Google Hires Krafcik - UAW Targets FCA - Automakers Pledge to Add Auto Brake - Nissan Reveals Gripz Concept - Mercedes Teases Concept IAA - Frankfurt Show Preview

On today's show Google shows it's serious about self driving cars Nissan teases a new cross over and a group of automakers pledge to make automatic breaking a standard feature all that more coming right up on our online daily. This is our align daily for September 14 of 2015. And another sign Google is serious about coming out with the self driving car the company just hired former Hyundai of America CEO John craft check to lead its autonomous division. Craft Jack who was most recently president of true car will join Google later this month. And another executive news. I see a C. E. O. Sergio Marchionne is skipping this week's Frankfurt show to help with labor negotiations with the UAW. That's because ...

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