AnimeCons TV - Our First Anime Conventions

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The AnimeCons TV cast shares the stories of their first visits to an anime convention. This episode originally appeared in Episode 404 of the AnimeCons TV in April 2012.

We thought it might be a fun experience to talk about our first enemy convention. And minds actually in mixed but 2000. I was invited out with my friend lives who. You may know from the chimney project. And . We wanted to you know just go have some fun is NBA fans and she told me. Well one people dress up in costumes huge public over the customer could have cost him so. I've talked to a co worker we put together. Mediocre fairy tale costume for magic and it rare earth and went out there and. Had a blast and just went downhill from there now I've gone to over 100 conventions starred in 2 of them. And . Have a whole web ...

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